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Stack is unlocking the power of the clinical research workforce

We are supercharging the reach and impact of clinical research and trials though the most important asset - the people. The people committed to the science that brings drugs, medical devices, and solutions to us all.  We are just getting started. 
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Training Components

Curriculum based on industry standards and roles.

Employees get to practice, demonstrate, and prove skills in our Lesson-Lab format. They will learn the technical skills, tools & software, to hit the ground running in research organizations; along with the critical communication, collaboration, and other soft skills needed to succeed and contribute to a high functioning team.


I was in limbo. This course opened up so many doors for me at Dana Farber…My community is very skeptical of clinical trials. Now that I work in clinical trials, I can bring my knowledge and experience back to my community to let them know that these trials are safe and effective” - Chavonne



Chavonne | Clinical Research Coordinator