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Clinical Research Programs 

Stack's clinical research programs are designed to help fill open clinical trials roles with diverse talent; provide new clinical trials hires with the skills & knowledge to be more productive; and deliver continuous, specialized training to your existing workforce. 
CTM Compentancy

3-to 14-weeks of live, online synchronous content. 

We have 5+ years developing and delivering curriculum based on industry models ACRP & SOCRA. We have a diverse team of experienced subject matter experts working as curriculum designers and instructors. 


Suite of programs to accelerate clinical research staff

Future Staff

Fill open clinical trials roles - CRCs, CRAs, CRNs with diverse talent. 

For internal and external talent looking to begin their careers in clinical research. 


New Staff 

Provide new clinical trial staff with the skills and knowledge to be more productive and self-sufficient.

For new clinical trial hires (ex. CRC, CRA, CRN) who have been in their role for less than 3 months

Existing Staff

Continuously grow clinical trials teams with greater skills and specialization (ex. diverse patient accrual, AEs & SAEs, patient billing, and  more)

For clinical trial staff who have 6+ months of experience in their role

All Staff

Provide clinical trials staff with the direction and guidance needed to increase their productivity, speed and precision in their roles.  

For any member of clinical research operations workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who on my staff is a right fit for this course?

Anyone in an entry level admin role at your organization.

For example: Support Services, Patient Admin, Lab tech, Patient Rep, Coordinator, Researchers, Nurse, CNA

What kind of skills should the employee already have?

Our course is designed to teach the fundamentals of clinical trials research. Successful participants should show up to the class being naturally curious about clinical research and patient facing tasks. Other great skills and attributes are: 

  • Communication skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Project management 

  • Ability to multitask

  • Problem solving

  • Managing stakeholders

  • Professional demeanor

  • Individual contributor

  • Team work

  • Adaptability

  • Growth mindset

What is the outcome for the employee?

Upon successful completion of the program, participants are considered qualified for hire as entry-level CRCs or adjacent clinical research coordinator roles. The goal is they will transition into a new role when positions become available.